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What We Do

We thrive on exceeding our client’s expectations. We utilize the latest technologies and trends to develop cutting edge Mobile Apps and premium Web Platforms…that wow our client’s customers.

Design & Prototype
Logo & Branding
App Development
Web Development


Digital Marketing

Who We Do It For

You’re in good company. We design, build and maintain mobile apps & websites for numerous clients. We work closely with large global brands to small startups.

client & Project Brands 

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Client & Project Brands

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How We Do It

We approach our projects in three stages, with a continuous innovation loop that circles back through each stage, as your product and business grows. We develop strong and long term
relationships with our clients.

Stage 01 {Design}

We hold various workshops with your team to understand your overall business, vision and objectives for your project.

Understand Your Business – 01
Understand Your Project Requirements – 02
Consult & Advise You – 03
Wireframes – 04
User & Product Flow – 05
Design (UI & UX) – 06
Prototype – 07
Tech Spec Document – 08
Cost For Stage 02 (Development) – 09

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Stage 02 {Develop}

Once you are satisfied with your Technical Specifications and Prototype {Stage 01}, we move onto Stage 02 {Development}.

01 – Create Project Development Plan
02 – Build / Code Your Project
03 – Create Servers & Architecture
04 – Create Test Plans
05 – Pass Quality Assurance
06 – Carry Out User Testing
07 – Customer Aquistion Plans
08 – ‘Go Live’ Plan

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Stage 03 {Support}

Once your project is live, we will provide you with an optional Maintenance & Support contract to help grow your business.

Monitor Product Performance – 01
Review Data & Trends – 02
Maintain Servers & Architecture – 03
Implement Backup Plans – 04
Provide Product Updates – 05
Add New Product Features – 06
Monitor Customer Beahviour – 07
Advise You On Growth – 08

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